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Musical Evolution - 99%

Hellzora, July 7th, 2012

To begin this review I want to say that this is my first and that english is not my first language so I hope you get everything I want to say! I first heard of The Agonist with their song thank you pain from 2009 Lullabies for the Dormant Mind. I immediately liked what I heard it was a refreshing take on metalcore with a lot of influences of melodic death metal.

Now on to the album! Prisoners is the third full length album and I have to say I had high hopes. When I heard the EP, the escape, I thought it was quite different from the previous releases but we could still hear the distinct sound of The Agonist. Well the whole album as that feel of still being the same band but different at the same time. If I could summarize the album in one word (well two) is musical growth. From the complex guitar work to Alissa’s superb vocals the whole album is a step forward from the last. Well the vocals and the guitars are not the only improvement on the album, the drumming is also great, much more complex and refined, and the bass, for an instrument that is usually not much present, it is really present on the whole album and add a nice dept to the music. The lyrics are also interesting, really poetic and deep.

Musical growth describes really well the feeling of the album, they started by playing metalcore on Once Only Imagined then added a lot of melodic death metal to their sound with Lullabies for the Dormant Mind and now with Prisoners they play melodic death metal with some metalcore influences and with a really progressive feel. I can’t really recommend tracks because I find them all unique and I like them all! In conclusion, in my opinion, this the best metal album of the year so far so give it a try!