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I refuse to give this one point. - 0%

Necropsychotic, January 10th, 2008

The Agonist. Yet another melodeath metalcore band who wants you to take them seriously. It's awfully hard to do so when all they have are breakdowns making up most of their songs. The guitar work is so very generic that even Job For A Cowboy has to take a step back and ask "What the hell?". It seems like they downtuned just to get a feeling of heaviness throughout their songs, yet they still come off light as a feather. So weak and contrived the guitar work is on this album. But that is not the worst part.

I have nothing against female vocals. I listen to bands such as Demonic Christ, Unexpect, Within Temptation (old) and Light This City, all who have very competent female vocalists. This band, however, does not. Her screams are mediocre at best and powerfully weak at their worst. Her voice reminds me of a dying animal, though I can't figure out which one. You thought it was going to stop there? Absolutely not. She sings too. The singing vocals are too melodramatic. She tries to get her point across a little too hard when she sings.

Finally, the drumwork needs a little bit of hate. To say the drum lines in each song sound amateurish is an understatement.It seems like they just hired a random guy off of the street and said, "Hey, play drums for us." It sounds like a 12 year old could play those srums with ease. Also, the drums sounded triggered. With lines as weak as those, why would they trigger drums? Some things are never meant to be answered I guess.

This is one of the worst albums I've ever heard. Thanks, The Agonist. Thanks for wasting my time. And thank you, Century Media, for shoving this crap sown our throats. Anyone remotely into melodic death metal or are just getting into melodeath should avoid at all costs. Hell, everybody should just avoid this.