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The Agonist Version 1 - 88%

FOrbIDen, August 25th, 2011

"The Agonist" is a band from Canada that plays metalcore. Now, I'm not gonna hate on metalcore or them because they are a metalcore band, I enjoyed this album. The music is both heavy and melodic at the same time, without leaning to far to one side. The vocals reflect this balance, for vocalist Alissa White-Gluz takes both parts of harsh and clean vocals, and both styles end up in the music evenly. The balance is almost perfect, just the sense of dynamic has not made its way in the music yet, most of the music is louder and louder still.

The guitars create a good platform for the sound, the parts are usually a mix of chugging and melodic riffs, usually alternating between the two. This along with the bass, which is in the back of the mix gives strength and intensity. This combination of thunderous instrumentation is a platform for the vocals to stand on. Alissa uses her very clean and pure screams and her lower choppier growl to highlight and compliment her alto clean voice and vice versa. The drummer tends to do his job well, but there isn't much creativity in that section of the music.

Overall the album was a pleasant experience and was quite enjoyable. The music is powerful and intense, but there is no sense of dynamic, volume doesn't tend to rise and fall. Tension is created to relieve tension, this album creates has this intensity but the tension never resolves.

Highlights: Rise and Fall, Take a Bow & Serendipity