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Better than Watershed - 92%

lordazmolozmodial, November 12th, 2012

There are a lot of extreme metal bands around the world try to translate the Opeth influences into real original music, but most of them fail to be write their own original materials. Today as I was searching the internet for catchy music I discovered the magnificence debut album "Limitless Life Reflections" for the Mexican metal band The Advent Equation, so prepare yourself for some ferocious progressive shreds.

The music of The Advent Equation is mixing the extreme taste of progressive metal with the sharp riffs of the death metal music, the result was somehow close to the music that has been created by Ikuinen Kaamos, but The Advent Equation added more atmospheric keyboards performance to the total sound. Jens Bogren's touches are obvious in this record and his professional mastering experience has helped this record to have better sound and rival atmosphere. The clean vocals and the harsh vocals in this record painted the whole sound with marvelous feelings and they helped so much to strengthen the energy of the instruments in the background.

In this record you wont be able to select your favorite track, because the elements that have been added to the tracks are so memorable and catchy. Some tracks like "A Descent into the Unreal" and "On Darkness" have a lot of Opeth feelings, especially in the performance of the drums and the riffs. on the other hand, there are many tracks like "Visions of Pain" and "A Violent Motion" have a lot of progressive metal touches that reminded me of Dream Theater. Since Opeth has released the album "Heritage" and I have been searching for a new progressive death metal act that can bring all those extreme progressive death metal melodies alive, and I have found what I want in this release.

Some people will think that this band is trying to copy the style that Opeth has presented in the last 20 years, but somehow I have a different point of view about the music of this band. The Advent Equation is presenting the best progressive death metal elements this year with their superb debut album, so if you're ready to crack the wall that Opeth has created when they changed their well known genre, then you have to give this album a listen and let your speakers blow the whole building.

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