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Swan song? - 88%

overkill94, October 14th, 2004

More like Grinning... than other releases, but not quite as brilliant. "Lettin Go" actually has a pretty little intro before mangling your mind, kinda cruel if you ask me. The weird/funny track on here is "Greenwood House of Medicine / Don't You Have a Woman" which features, among other things, a piece of a disco song, the drum beat of "Moby Dick", a noisy sample running throughout, and the phrase "sh*t mother f*cker". "She's Back" is a rollicking number with plenty of killer guitar riffs along with some cool start/stops and time changes. The cover song is a great version of "Green Eyed Lady" and the sound clip is on "Living, Dying, Living / A Zombie World". A good record, this one doesn't stand out as much as GLAU, but still does its share of ass kicking.