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Another serving of Splatter Thrash! - 83%

ZombiHolocaust, November 14th, 2007

Aaarrrggghhh!!! After releasing the underrated ep and the incredible legendary Speedcore/Crossover standard Return of Martha Splatterhead, Seattle's The Accused continue their gory rampage to whiplash headbangers, punks and skins, and earfuck all the easy listening vegetables. Stepping onboard to the "Thrash Capital of the World" of Combat Records home of such delightful sounds such as Exodus, Dark Angel, Heathen etc, (and in the tradition of those wonderful bands of not being able to release a perfect followup to a perfect album), Blaine and Co release an impressive disc that is not the entrail swinging, golden tooth, one eyed Zombie that it's older sister was, but is a credible, ferocious and very mature successor.

The opening track alone set's this act apart from the millions of hardcore/metalcore/speedcore bands running so commonly in '87. With it's intense volcanic eruption of a Maiden riff played at full speed that bursts into tight thrash riffs and insane larynx mutilating vocals by Blaine. All in all the Halo of Flies is a superb opener and obvious highlight with its insane thrash break and solo, as well as the gurgling vocals during the chorus. W.C.A.L.T. follows with its positive message and feel good rollercoaster thrash riffs. Rape, Lifeless Zone, and Scotty are decent but heavy thrashers with morbid lyrics. All have tempo changes in between the speedy riffs. The slower parts are the heavy thrash chug and its nice to hear a former hardcore band doing them so well. An awesome non-metal cover (whaaaaaaaaaaaat???) closes side one. Devil Women is an unexpected blast with a nice chill groove and a amazing soaring solo. While its summer grab a joint and skateboard the night away with one!

Bethany Home opens side 1 and goes along decently but with one riff change end in a marvelous thrash assault. Mechanized Death continues with more well written riffs and a nice head bending chorus. As evident in the bleakness of Judgment Day and the sing along mosh of Take No Prisoners, Accused bring forth variety within the song writing. Their anthem Splatter Rock pushes your ears around with a mean midpaced but still chaotic riff which once you've heard it you know: its clobberin' time. Uuuh not so gather the children for the classic closer I'll Be Glad When You're Dead played on banjo and goofy redneck vocals!

Well you gotta hand it to Blaine and his homeboys as they mature as musicians while still keeping the heavy and chaotic sound. A more Thrash Metal sound is heard and is done very tastefully with great musicianship. A few so so riffs keep this from the league of the debut LP but the energy and creativeness of the band keeps this far from the generic HC sound. So get it, enjoy the Thrash.

P.S. and tell Maximum Rock'n'Roll to fuck off when they complain about the metal influence.