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Splatterific! - 96%

overkill94, October 14th, 2004

Even though they're playing on a rap label now (Nasty Mix), they released their best CD ever, adding a bit of variation into their formula of mutilation. For instance, the opening track "Pounding Nails (Into the Lid of Your Coffin)" starts fast, slows down a bit, then ends in a blissful double-time frenzy. "The Corpse Walks" is definitely one of their best tracks with its catchy opening guitar line accented by a moving verse line. Even though "Down and Out" has a guy rapping in it, it's still a great track with a good message and some hot chops. "Boris the Spider" is an old Who song and "M Is for Martha" has the sound clip intro (this time from Sesame Street!). The only real weak spot on the record is the beginning of "Voices", but there's no reason to fret, it starts kicking ass a little before the minute mark. Every track is a standout, every track has awesome guitar work, the musicianship is top notch, this is definitely a masterpiece.