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Quite a surprise! - 85%

Immortal666, April 25th, 2003

I didn't really know why I picked this tape back in 1990. I've never heard or read of the Accused. I was just at the record store, looking at the latest metal releases. There wasn't much being released that time (much less now!) and I stumbled upon this tape that had a gruesome though crudely and simply drawn cover. I said to myself - THIS MUST BE METAL! So I bought it. I was pleasantly suprised to find out that this indeed was a metal album on the thrash-y side of things albeit, with punk elements infused. Singer Josh Sinder was my favorite singer for a time with his untypical (for a metal band) frantic vocal stylings that was more punk-ish in delivery. It certainly worked well within the Accused's punk metal delivery. The songs were fast, furious and abrupt. The band even threw in a cover of the Who's "Boris the Spider" from the Who (whom I wasn't familiar with back then. Heck, I'm not that familiar with their material even today!) which I swear captured Sinder's best vocal moment on the album. There's even a rap metal collaboration with some rapper named the Mad Poet called "Down & Out" which was only mildly stimulating. The only reason I'm mentioning it here is that it only goes to show that during that era, rap was the usual territory that bands would dabble into when experimenting with their music. This is my only encounter with the Accused and it was certainly a pleasant surprise and experience.