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khalilmikael, January 28th, 2013

“Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality." - Edgar Allan Poe

And this is exactly what this album is about. It delivers words, notes, and lines that are composed with emotional intelligence to convey the true horrifying and painful experience of death at the classiest way.

The 11th hour is one of Ed Warby’s projects on which he did a massive effort starting with the composition and ending with the distinctive mixing. In this album you will find yourself drowning in a dark sea of loss and pain, elevating and drawing you in all directions - in its lyrics, melodies, and performance.

Appreciating Roger Johansson's performance on their 2009 debut, “Burden of Grief”, yet here the vocals create the most intoxicating entwining that's ever been made as Pim Blankenstein’s guttural growls are phenomenal whereas Warby sticks to clean vocals, making it paradoxical, yet united in every song.

This shows clearly in the songs “We All Die Alone” and “Reunion Illusion”, where the vocals are complimented by the keyboards which are played perfectly throughout the whole album and especially in “The Death of Life” where keyboards master the melodies of this song.

What is also distinctive are the riffs on the album; they are heavy, more emotional, and lean towards death metal riffs, stressing Warby’s own traditional musical roots and they are so enjoyable and haunting, showing the clear quality in which this album has been made. “Rain on Me” and “Nothing But Pain” are the best when it comes to heavier riffs within the album.

“Damn my solitude, without your presence all is void....” - "Rain on Me", a killer line!

“They come to shed their tears
For the loved ones buried here
Their woe is raw and deep
Sustains us while we sleep”
- "Tears of the Bereaved", phenomenal poetic and the most passionate lyrics drowns my heart in sadness and sends shivers down my spine!

Upon listening to the album, I was moved like never before, but while hearing the lyrics word for word and comprehending the vision in a clearer perspective, I am speechless. “Bury Me” and “Tears of the Bereaved” are definitely a lyrical win, so beautiful and so majestic and yet they made me heavyhearted. Salutes and respect and bows lower than I'd give to anyone else.

Warby played all the instruments on this album, the bass compliments the guitar playing in an amazing way, and solos are emotional and perfect. The drumming here did not have a huge influence as it stayed in its safer area, but kept steady and never went off-tune.

What makes this album so distinctive is Warby’s vision and his composing and execution of it, along side the phenomenal vocals of Blankenstein. In short, it's an absolute sheer talent.