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Nordic power metal at its best - 98%

kimiwind, March 8th, 2010

Thaurorod is an epic power metal band, it seeds comes from Jokela, a small town nearby tuusula located in the southern part of Finland, this town is much known of the 2007 high school massacre, which left a mourning in the whole Finland and got a lot of reactions internationally, but this band has fairly made it up for this town by a high quality power metal. Unfortunately, the band has released only couple of demos since 2002, but I will dare to say they got a full length quality in all aspects. Anyways, we have here their second headline, untitled “tales of the end”, containing only 3 tracks in approx 15 min of sheer Finnish powerful music.

As I said in my introduction, this demo can really equal a full length quality in many aspects, and one of them is certainly the production, the instruments here are well mixed and mastered, which it gives a so clean sigh to the overall sound, while you have to keep in mind that this demo has been self released and yet the production is too professional.

The musicianship in Tales of the End is a great mix of melodious power metal and progressive elements. the vocals are powerful and emotional, Vladimir Lumi tries to put on a great effort to match up and equal the beautiful melodies and atmosphere created, and he did a good job concerning that, he fit really well with instruments, and honestly I loved so much his singing, especially in the track “Elaman Tulli”. Crossing to the most effective guns of this piece of art; Firstly the guitars are Incredibly Incredible, melodies and memorable riffs thrown nicely in every song, in the addition of great solos bring an awesome variation in the sound, secondly the keyboards are here to make the candy in the top of the delicious cake, and Emmi can do that for you, she create awesome atmosphere and great emotional melodies that will hook you up, sometimes it got the Nordic feeling as in the track “Elaman Tulli” and “tormented No More”, moreover, you can notice a nice back to back role with the guitars, such as the intros of “ tales of the end “ and “Elaman Tulli”, they generally bring a remarkable feeling to the music. Finally, the drums on this demo are quite fast and they slow down when it needs to be, they are impressive to hear, and they leave a nice thatch out there.

Tales of the end can be set as one of the best ever demos produced in this genre. this guys work hard and they really deserve more attention. I can’t ask more than this only if it was a more than 3 tracks, because I will never be tired from. I listen to this almost everyday, it can make up your soul every time you need, because this demo has been produced from heart and certainly will reach your heart and will fill up your soul to the top. Actually, one of my wishes of 2010 is to see a full length by this talentuous artists, and I will certainly be the first to welcome it. Try hardly to find this demo and buy your copy because it will worth your pocket definitely.

Written for Encyclopaedia Metallum 08-03-2010
© Kimiwind

How not to sing power metal. - 40%

hells_unicorn, July 14th, 2007

This demo had some serious potential, especially concerning the advances in home recording technology that have obviously allowed the instruments on here to sound so polished and refined. I tend to be easily swayed by any band that has a good sense for how to balance out all of the various instruments and present something that listens as a cohesive whole. In addition, the guitar work on here is pretty solid, the drum work is accurate though a little redundant, and the song writing has some fairly smooth transitions from all out speed work to a more reserved to something a bit more reserved.

However, even with all of this going for the band, there is one thing that ultimately proved to be the poison pill that killed the mighty beast, and that is the damned singer. Aside from the obvious problems in tapping a bass/baritone to sing in a genre that is universally fronted by either a tenor or a counter-tenor, the guy just sounds flat out terrible. He has a very limited range, his accent gets in the way of understanding some of the words (a problem that most Finnish metal acts I enjoy lack), and when he tries to sing with a harder edged voice it just falls flat and sounds like a quasi-metalcore attempt at sounding angry.

My recommendations to the band are simple; get a different singer with a more appropriate range and also work a little bit on writing songs that contrast a bit more. You have a good idea that you tend to keep coming back to as if it were a crutch. Even in a strict, stylized genre like power/traditional metal there is some latitude for experimenting.