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I've heard this before, but it isn't bad! - 70%

Lord_Lexy, January 14th, 2010

A while ago, I read on the MySpace site of this band that they had a demo for sale. Why not: it was only €5 and the samples on their site weren’t bad. So after a few weeks the demo reached me. And I listened.

One of the very first things I noticed was that Thaurorod have some similarities compared with their fellow Finns from Nightwish. Symphonic power metal, operatic male vocals, keyboards. It’s all there. The riffing, the drums, even the sound of the keyboards: these guys clearly have been influenced by Nightwish. To be more precise, this demo sounds like “Oceanborn”, but without the mystic atmosphere that album has.

So they sound a bit like Nightwish, surely there must be some difference? Yes, there is a very dominant difference. Where Nightwish had a female operatic singer (Tarja, of course) and a male “harsher” vocalist, Thaurorod only use one operatic male singer. He has a melodic voice, which he has under full control. He follows the tempo and its changes: fast, paced down. On the background, he is sometimes accompanied by a female voice.

The music: as said above, it’s nothing new. Decent power metal, with operatic/symphonic elements. The drums and guitars change tempo here and there, the vocals follow the tempo most of the times. The keyboards are present, but not dominant in the mix. They fill the “holes” of emotion and symphony in the music that cannot be filled by the guitars.

The demo begins with a some cheesy keyboards and some drumming, to be followed by a bass and vocal interlude. After that, the song takes of. Fast drumming, lots of keyboards and guitars. Vladimir Lumi, the vocalist, is able to keep the operatic vocals even during the faster parts. A little later, the music slows down, the mood is somewhat heavier as backing vocals join the lead vocals and both sing at slower pace. After that, once more a fast paced part. And so the song, “Into the Realms of Hidden Me” continues. Somewhere during the song, we get a solo, and a it isn’t bad.

“Cursed in the Past”, the second song, is of a different style: slower and its chorus has the instruments and vocals playing at different pace. Here too, we get some faster parts with the drums being very dominant in the mix and thus dominating the sound. The keyboards also get a prominent role. But this is my least favourite of the demo.

The last song, “Morning Lake”, is the most Nightwish like. Bass and keyboard intro. After that it slowly builds up, with vocals, guitars and drums joining in. The song has a positive vibe to it, and it could sound epic if the keyboards would have been more prominent here. Somewhere in the middle we get two solos. And after a build up by the guitars to the climax, the song ends rather abrupt after the line: “It’s time to go home!”

This is a decent demo, the recording quality is good, the mix is good. It isn’t the most original thing I’ve heard but their still defer enough to be of interest. For those interested in Nightwishlike stuff, or those who collect good demos: “Morning Lake” won’t disappoint you.