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We Have Awakened! - 85%

davaspen30, April 9th, 2012

Bay area, Oakland based doom/death metal band, Thane released their first full length, 'We Awaken' in 2009. Being an independent release, it was limited to a few hundred copies distributed mostly locally. I am personally familiar with mainman Aaron Erickson on the bass and lead guitarist, Clinton Maney. So when I heard a second album is in the works, I decided to give their first release sitting in my library, a few re-spins in an attempt to compose an unbiased review for the broader audience out here, on the Mecca of metal sites.

'We Awaken' has an approximate running time of 56 minutes kicking off with the spoken voice of Aaron in 'R'lyeh' that sounds sinister enough to make a baby cry. The opener sets the pace of the album very nicely, towards what the listener can expect, almost reminiscent of Katatonia's Brave Murder Day. 9 tracks that almost flow into each other, the growls of vocalist Azrael Bane deepen in 'Trust', the guitaring is heavy while the drums follow their own slow pace, as is typical with most doom metal acts.

The musicians are hugely talented, well versed in their own parts, perfectly complementing each other and bringing the same coherence out in the longer tracks like 'End of Heaven' and 'Silent Cries', both touching the 9:00 minute mark. The hooks in 'End of Heaven' sink deep, the riffs are phenomenal. I mean, I can bang my head to this song for the entire length of it.

I will avoid to elaborate the artistic creativity or the lack of it (and there's not much, to be perfectly honest) in each and every song. The title track is a fast one. The 7th track 'Piece by Piece' is possibly the only downer for me as the other tracks raised the bar too much. Being on a limited budget, the CD lacks liner notes on the lyrics, but they do mention and thank everyone towards the creation process. The production is impeccable, superb for a first effort having been mixed at Graveyard Studios. This band warrants so much more attention and their fare is worthy of any record label, that are into extreme metal.

The latest addition to the band has been the inclusion of keyboard player Elysia Green who brings her own atmospheric addition to the arsenal that Thane already has at their disposal and here's wishing them all the best for their upcoming release.