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Was worth every penny - 100%

stonedjesus, June 18th, 2008

I bought this for about 45 American dollars directly from Gebedi himself, he was nice about e-mailing me promptly and it got here in about a week. At this point I believe the box sets have sold out.

This is pretty much the band's entire discography sans the "Unholy..." album and the Beyond Terror EP. All the albums included sound excellent and are remastered tastefully. I'm not a big fan of demos, so I can't really comment on them. They are interesting for the sake of hearing the band's evolution.

If you don't already know Thanatos, you're missing out on a great death/thrash metal band that have been consistently good since their inception. I can't think of a band in this genre that has stayed true to their methods and sound and remain strong so many years later.

No need to review the individual albums or anything, this set is for collectors. It comes with an ugly t-shirt feature the artwork for Beyond Terror, a few promo photos from back in the day, some stickers, two CDs for each album, a poster for each album cover, all in a little black box.

Lots of bang for your buck, great band.