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A must-have - 99%

morbert, October 9th, 2007

Holy hell, this is some way to honour your fans. In 2007 a lot of old thrash metal has been re-released with obscure bonus material, Sacred Reich, Hallows Eve, Artillery to name but a few. And Thanatos have truly unleashed a masterpiece. This box includes all the recording from 1984 to 2000. Including all albums, demos, and also obscure videos and a lot of photographs.

On the material one can hear the natural progression of the band throughout the years which at times became more death metal orientated but fortunately still incorporating thrash metal riffing If you don’t own their material, this is your chance and the presence of their first two albums alone is reason enough already to get your hands on this for this price. If you already have their albums, all the bonus material is easily worth the money. Simply said: if you are into thrash metal you have to be an idiot not to buy this.

I’m not going to dive deep into the separate demos and albums. I will do that in the regular discography here on metal archives. This review is only about the box which - as said - is truly great. I’m going to finish off the same way as I started: holy hell!