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good gothic bm - 80%

WIndrider, January 12th, 2005

What is it with eastern Europe these days, there’s so many bands from that whole area, yet no matter how good they sound, they can’t seem to ever gain global recognition. Thalarian are prime example of this fact. Hailing from Slovakia, Thalarian play a melodic style of gothic bm, sure to appeal to fans of bands like Graveworm, old Cradle of Filth, and Tristainia. Yet while these bands have a huge following, Thalarian remain obscured, despite the fact they do everything right, including excellent production.

Thalarian are certainly not clones of the aforementioned bands either. For starters Thalarian’s music has more misty sound to it, not in a grim bm way, but just in the general, lucid, keyboard tainted, aspect of the album. Secondly, the album has a slight jazzy feel to some of its compositions, not an erratic jazz sound but more an elevator jazz kind of sound (don’t worry its nothing to obvious). Furthering this jazz feel is the fact that one of the songs on this album even has a saxophone on it.

Another differentiating factor of Thalarian are the male and female vocals. The female vocals are very prominent on this album, and if you are an anti female vocal type, you probably wont like this. The female vocals done on this album, are however, not the traditional gothic operatic sound but more of a bravado style of singing (think the female vox on Dark Tranquility’s “Gallery” ), which I personally favor. The growled vocals are fairly unqiue also. These vox do not sound at all shrieky like most gothic bm bands but instead sound very barky. While barking usually isn’t the best BM vocal approach, the way Juraj uses his voice on this album works quite well, and makes the music sound more powerful.

The guitars on this album are pretty simple, yet get the job done effectively, and can be very melodic when necessary, and very chugish at other times. In addition clean guitar work is also used. It is however the keyboard that really defines this bands sound and makes them original. As I mentioned above the keyboards give the music an opaque kind of feel, making it sound more mystical, and dark.

Bottom line is that Thalarian are a very high quality band who may not play the most appealing style to me, yet none the less are very apt at what they are aiming for and certainly worthy for those who enjoy the gothic side of BM. Quality wise these guy should be right up with the likes of other top notch bands of this genre. If your looking a for safe, yet at the same time unique musical venture, Thalarain may be a very good band for you to check out.