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Texas Hippie Coalition > Pride of Texas > Reviews
Texas Hippie Coalition - Pride of Texas

Pretty Boring - 35%

Grumpy Cat, January 13th, 2016

Generally when I find something tagged a southern metal I'm in no eager state to listen to it, for good reason too, because I generally don't find it to be good. Which is exactly what happened here. Its a lame Texan band that worships Pantera and makes sub par material.

The biggest advantage is that the Pantera worship is sort of kept on the down low but it still shows on a lot of the guitar work like the opening track 'No Shame'. A lot of the riffs are groove metal's trademark sound, hitting some notes on the low E string and throwing in some screeches or squeals, though generally any guitar effect is acceptable instead. The rest of the riffs have a more classic rock feel similar to ZZ Top or Lynard Skynard, they are generally softer, played on acoustic guitar and are more melodic based but also just as repetitive. The solos have a bluesy approach that's nice but only for the first 5 songs or so.

The drumming for the whole thing is midpaced and mostly pretty basic, there are some more technical bits here and there but they are few and far between. The bass is audible and sticks to pretty simple lines, he rounds out the sound for sure and provides a low end.

The vocals are the biggest surprise here in that they aren't the tough guy yelling typical of groove based metal music. Instead the vocals are more akin to 90s grunge, think Alice in Chains and your in the right ballpark, but they're more aggressive and postured. Its the lyrics that hit the fan though. "Pissed off and mad the fuck about it". He managed to duck out of being your generic vocalist but his lyrics still tend to be criminally bad. Aren't you basically just setting yourself up for an unending cycle of anger? I'm sure it appeals to someone but when you think about it its a stupid premise and sounds stupid being cranked through the speakers. "Yes I've been drinking and I've been smoking", somehow I already knew this without you telling me, and somehow singing it doesn't make you sound more awesome, makes you sound less awesome to be frank.

Anyway the lyrics outline a core problem with the music, while the sound of it itself isn't bad at all the songwriting just sucks. It was boring and left me very much not pumped up. The best parts were the acoustic parts, and only the acoustic parts where he wasn't singing because they were a breathe of fresh air from how stale the rest of it gets almost immediately.

Do yourself a favor, don't listen to it unless your easily fascinated by lyrics depicting a stereotypical hick life style.

Every copy should come with a bottle of Jack - 79%

AcidWorm, February 12th, 2011

T.H.C. is often described as the toughest Texan band since Pantera. These guys certainly have the tough redneck image that Pantera had making you want to just down a bottle of Jack Daniels when listening to them but they are much more than just another Pantera clone. These guys go much deeper in the roots of southern metal bringing in some bluesy guitar solos and leads reminiscent of ZZ top and Lynard Skynard. The vocals are not your typical toughguy hardcore shouts that seem to be what southern metal is all about today. Nope the vocalist is more in the vein of early 90s grunge but much more aggressive. He sounds almost identical to the singer of the nu metal band Soil but with a bit more range. This is definitely a good thing for me since Soil was one of my most played bands back when I was listening to nu metal.

The riffs are drenched in a sludgy groove somewhaere between Pantera and Monster Magnet and the twin-guitar attack is done very well with some nice catchy riffs. The bluesy solos are fairly prominent and you can definitely tell they listen to Lynard Skynard.

The songwriting is fairly strong that makes you want to sing along at times, and also bang your head to the heavy groove. None of the songs are duds
and there are some good ballad moments.

It is very refreshing to hear a southern band that knows that Southern metal did not just revolve around Pantera. This is not the most groundbreaking album out but it certainly does bring back some energy into a style that has been very lackluster for years. T.H.C. has a great deal of talent and proficiency and I hope that they continue to improve.