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Under-appreciated thrash for the new school - 85%

Garishi, March 17th, 2012

My first exposure to Tetrarch was when they were headlining a show at a little club in my city. Most of the bands were metalcore acts from the area and Tetrarch completely blew almost all of them away. Such frantic, vicious thrash was just what was needed after a night of unimaginative breakdowns. Unfortunately, most of the crowd was there for the local bands, so very few people were left to hear them by the time they took the stage. This seems to be the story of Tetrach - they make great music that blends old school thrash with modern sensibilities, but they seem to be unable to break out of the underground.

The Will to Fight ep is a collection of thrash-based songs that come across as very modern. While perhaps less thrashy than some of Tetrarch's previous output, it's clear that the band aren't forgetting their roots. Elements of groove and metalcore are reconizable in every song, though the typical metalcore scream is used only sparingly with most songs being sung or yelled. Also, while there is the occasional breakdown, they are often forsaken for sections of unadulterated speed.

My main complaint is that, in seeking to include more modern forms of metal in their mix, perhaps a bit too much hard/alt rock makes it in.

Highlights: the ferocious "Set To Flames" and "Sons of the Sea" which breaks up their standard formula.