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Folding and Unfolding from the Substratum of Supreme Voidness - 85%

Nattskog7, February 11th, 2024
Written based on this version: 2023, Digital, Iron Bonehead Productions

Indian black / death metal masters Tetragrammacide gave us their insane second album back in November. I have decided to revisit and review this release. Out now via Iron Bonehead Productions.

From the haunting introduction to the utterly rampant bestial rage, there is no denying India’s savagery is a unique spirit. Crazed drumming and unhinged riffs blend primitive battery and dissonant chaos into a frenzied and malicious assault of the senses. Rife with spiritual and blasphemous energies, the black flame and vibrant delivery coupled with a truly magnificent production renders this apocalyptic tome an instantly addictive experience of bludgeoning triumph. The immense reverberate hooks of lacerating instrumentals and daunting vocals execute a sadistically fierce soundscape of visceral upheaval. Within a genre associated with rawness, it is fascinating to hear such a well-balanced yet equally violent sound permeate the air with total annihilation. Some of the warped guitar parts feel totally otherworldly while the percussive hostility is so relentless you cannot escape the dominant extreme metal attack.

Propelling sensual and impenetrable darkness with radiant vitriol, Tetragrammacide have not only a unique sound but their lyrical content is equally interesting. “Between sacred and profane” being a quote from the press release I found to be most alluring. Archgoat, for instance, have a similar adage. This blending of glorification while desecrating is the ideal core of something so musically potent. Kaleidoscopic furore and cerebrally contorting musical gymnastics make for a truly fascinating, captivating and animalistic listening experience. Invariably there will be some people who cannot withstand this martial onslaught, clearly this is not an album intended for mass consumption. That said, I think the truly marvellous execution in the production and artwork ensure what was meant to be conveyed is done so beautifully. Those who enjoy such concoctions of vigorous obliteration will be in boundless ecstasy throughout, of that I can assure you.

A vicious cascade of utterly venomous black / death metal that is crushing to behold. From the unconventional songwriting to the monolithic production, this Indian war-machine gives us the bold and yet unwelcoming combination this genre needed. Feeling original in their approach, rather than more rehashing of former glory days while keeping ineffably true to the spirit of extremity, Tetragrammacide set the bar higher than ever for the modern musical underground. Simply phenomenal musicianship and astounding songwriting delivered with a demonic presence that cannot be flawed in its unfaltering excellence.

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