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Consider Yourself Incinerated - 93%

DemonFeces, February 13th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2017, 12" vinyl, Iron Bonehead Productions

It would seem that after many decades of being absent from anybody's infamous year-end lists (possibly because Saxon is still releasing albums) that the ever flowing stream of metal rolling out of India is getting better and receiving more attention thanks to bigger labels signing them to their rosters. One of these head-turning exports is the West Bengal trio Tetragrammacide now on German label Iron Bonehead.

According to legend, tetragrammaton is the four Hebrew letters that equal YHWH or JHVH. I would hope that those reading this have a good understanding of this concept. Instead of a -ton suffix it is -cide. Ditto on my last statement. The truth is ideas from the country of India have been referenced throughout the underground for a while now and the bands who use it range from Dissection to Runemagick to Origin as well as the myriad of others that I am unaware of. Here we are experiencing the opposite. "See what happens when you cross cultures and shit?"

Woven into the overall presentation and sound is a suffocating cacophony of Eastern flavor. 'Transcranial Ka'abatronic Stimulation Collapse' displays the native Bengalese singing as tortured and thrown into a blender with searing noise and burning distortion. In the song titles, their many religious beliefs are interplayed with medical and scientific verbiage which is used to great effect. The closing track 'Dismal Ramification of Metamathematical Marmas and Sandhi' is another example where tribal drumming and faint vocalizations are heard in the distance.

I don't think India has a large military presence in the world but if the music on display here could manifest itself as a tank, it would decimate cities worldwide. This war machine would also have many alien capabilties in order to mindfuck those of the population it didn't manage to kill off. Take 'The Prognosticators of Trans-Yuggothian Meta-Reasoning' for example; you can hear the wailing sound of bombs falling and missiles piercing the air as the treads roll over corpses endlessly. The drumming employs constant double-bass carpet bombing and snappy snares, devoid of any fills. There's just no time to incorporate them. The guitars and bass bubble and froth in a sick cauldron of distortion reaching out and over the remaining populace, silencing any sole survivors....I can imagine walls crumbling at their live shows.

Musically, the general sound is a confluence of ideas; it's like a Sulphur Aeon, Sarpanitum and Revenge ménage à trois with Voivod overseeing the perverse proceedings. The proper songs are an all-out assault on the senses; a crushing display of nonstop chaotic futuristic warfare. Even the vocals are buried by the onslaught of the blistering shockwave. Brutal is a word that is casually thrown around to generically describe anything that goes beyond the thrash metal status quo, but in the case of Tetragrammacide, it is literally the definition of their music. The basic elements of what you're comfortable with are all presented in non-traditional ways. There are no chorus/verse vocal structures, no transitional segments within songs and no real sense of beginnings, middles or ends. It may be trite to say, but this really has to be heard to be believed.