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A collection of everything I dislike in this genre - 49%

BloodIronBeer, December 10th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2017, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

Whispers of Creation is a short excursion into spacey progressive death metal with djent and metalcore undertones. There is melody and harshness in fairly even portions, groovy breakdowns and modestly fast blast beat sections. The vocals dwell mostly in “core-ish” territory, but do venture into some nice rapid-fire death growls, as well as into actual Nevermore type singing in the middle of Progenitor of Thought. Every track makes time for an atmospheric keyboard section and some repeating loopy guitar lines a la Beyond Creation.

I had given this a few quick listens and felt I liked it. But actually reviewing it, it's very underwhelming. The production is scrubbed to a state more sterile than an operating room, and the hardest of it hits like a lively pillow fight. The first track wastes an entire half minute on a movie clip. Astral Transcendence wastes even more time on a panning, swelling ultra synthy sounding keyboard intro – which is actually pretty nice, but doesn't lead into the actual metal in any meaningful ways and seems like it was an afterthought in the songwriting process. There is a breakdown right at the 1 minute mark where the guitar can be heard for clearly being the distorted flatulence it is. Seriously, the guitar tone is just awful – it has this sickly fake sounding veneer to it.

There is an abundance of breakdowns, melodic riffs that could easily lumped in with things that are simply “melodic death metal” and too much of these borrowed ideas from Beyond Creation and Obscura in the many-repeating-note guitar lines. The only thing that could make all this more forgettable is a spacey theme, stupid clips from a sci-fi movie, and faux-profound lyrics; and that's precisely what the band went with. There's nothing interesting or advanced musically going on, so for a band lumped in with progressive and technical death metal, that's pretty disappointing. But what's worse is it's never very fast or energetic, and the production really stops it from sounding properly heavy. So, it's no real exaggeration to say, these 4 tracks manage to really exemplify the things I hope not to find when l'm exploring this sphere of metal in the last handful of years; it's derivative and generic, it is a short release that wastes time on bloated intros and interludes, it's overproduced, it's theme is tired, and it does nothing musically advanced in a sector of metal that is supposed to be known for it. Again, nothing actively unpleasant to listen to - but not a single thing done remarkably well.