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A taste of what was to come - 90%

Chopped_in_Half, July 1st, 2006

This is just a little taste of what was to come "The New Order", the only actual TESTAMENT song that would go on the album would be the title of it "Trial by Fire" seeing as how "Nobodys Fault" is an Aerosmith cover, and "Reign of Terror" is from the "Legacy" era, and would later appear re-recorded again on "First Strike Still Deadly".

"Trial By Fire" Is one of the well known song on The New Order, starting with an acoustic intro, then you finally hear a reverse sweep from Skolnick, then the drums kick in with Skolnick still fucking around, and then, all of the sudden, hit with a monster riff, then another killer riff, this song has a cool catchy chorus also, and a shredding solo, "Nobodys Fault" the reason I took 10% off the rating, it's just kind of pointless, but they did do a nice job with it I suppose, just seems like it doesn't fit, "Reign of Terror" Is fast, catchy, and full of monster riffs, very aggressive also, add a killer solo as well.

Well, not much else to say, since it's a short EP, but if you end up picking this up, and liking it, I would suggest picking up "The New Order", Trial By Fire is one of the best on the album, but theres other great ones also.