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One of the best Thrash compilations ever made! - 88%

skolnick, February 1st, 2003

If you really want to be on Testament's wave and if you are one of the recent fans that flipped off recently with the release of "The Gathering", then this compilation really provides you the chance to hear for yourself what these Bay-Area influenced thrashers were really about...
I strongly advise that only new fans that never got really deep into Testament's music get this, because for the older ones that have all the albums, it would be a money waste. That is because this "best of" doesn't have any kind of extras, it's just a wide and wise selection of what Testament made of their best from 1987 to 1994. Still, don’t get me wrong... this is one of the best thrash compilations I ever heard, and it could be a worthy collector's item, having an interesting booklet where we even get to see Eric Peterson's personal thoughts about every song in this album...

This is Thrash from the beginning to the end only with the exception of "The Ritual”’s 1992 material...Nothing from the Thrash/Death fusion they have been practising from 1997 'till now...
In this one we go from some of their best, early career thrash classics like "The Haunting", "Burnt Offerings", "First Strike is Deadly", "Into the Pit" or "Disciples of the Watch" going through their more soft thrash period of "Practice What you Preach" with it’s great title track and "Greenhouse Effect" being these ones followed by "The Ritual" 's more smooth and soft commercial material, but still marking it's heavy presence with "Electric Crown", "So Many Lies", the phsycadhelic "The Ritual" and the beautiful ballad "Return to Serenity".
Next come "Over the Wall" in a really must have live version from "R.T.T.Apocalyptic City" with this song being backed up with the intro of "Legions (in Hiding)" and to finish it comes the only "Low" presence on this compilation, the excellent "Dog Faced Gods".

The only weak point of this compilation is the withdraw of "Souls of Black" songs. It's really bad because that album is responsible for having some of their heaviest material but, it's still a really good bulk of songs...and a really good opportunity to meet one of the best thrash partnerships of all times: Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson.