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The Formation of Defecation - 15%

Human666, April 5th, 2008

There is an unwritten law in thrash metal which literally means: the better your riffage is, the better thrash you got. Then 'Testasuck' should be jailed for ignoring this law monstrously for almost twenty years to date.

The riffage, which is the absolute backbone in thrash metal, has a serious diagnosis of developing scoliosis in our irredeemable case known as 'The Formation of Damnation'. The riffs are just utterly boring and tasteless. They lack any aggression, just go through the motions and never really punch. The leading guitar, except for one bearable solo at 'The Persecuted Won't Forget', had never been suckier than now. If you are a die hard fan of shredding boredom fests then you'll maybe suffer the leading guitars, but still, it's all sounding like the same half assed pattern repeating itself here and there to take some space between the songs. Nothing interesting at all.

What else? The vocal delivery is just numb. Chuck singing at the same pace for the whole album and even having some stupid "whoa whoa whoa" lines here and there ('More Than Meets The Eye') or some annoying, mallcorish electronic effects over his vocals ('Dangers Of The Faithless') which just makes him sounds pathetic.

Overall: this is the ultimate Metallica's 'F' rated clone ever made since Testament's last studio album. This anemic album sounds like another poor attempt with imitating the 'Black Album' (Metallica 1991) and guess what? It failed big time. Now don't fool yourself by saying it's "a decent album for a veteran thrash band", because it isn't .The title 'Testament' means nothing in 2008. This hopeless abomination is just an exhausted output of a fading band that wish they could go back in time to where they didn't sucked and actually write an interesting, skull crushing piece of thrash metal.

'The Formation of Defecation' is just a valueless metal album. The best thing this band can release nowadays is a declaration of their breaking in their "Bada$$" MySpace page.