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Don't expect much.... - 65%

sepultribe, April 3rd, 2005

This has actually been ‘remastered’ onto DVD format with some extras thrown in. I got all excited when I saw a Testament DVD in stores but the package didn’t actually tell you anything about it besides it had some videos. So I thought what the hell its fairly early Testament on DVD. But it’s definitely not worth the 20 bucks I paid for it. On this DVD there’s a slight difference in the live clips apparently from the VHS version. The second song is Face in the Sky instead of Absence of Light. Speaking of the live clips… they aren’t anything to write home about. Only 6 songs and not one from The Legacy which is a slight disappointment as well. The performances seem pretty good for the most part, especially by Alex. No surprises there. But the quality of the concert is absolutely hideous. When the riff comes in on Erie Inhabitants you can’t even tell, it just sounds like one big guitar drone. If you haven’t heard these songs before, trust me you wont be able to tell what the hell they’re doing at all. The only thing that really comes through well is the solos and Chucks voice. Speaking of which, this was done on the Souls of Black tour so Chuck’s voice isn’t completely gone to shit yet but you have to strain your ears just to hear it.
Nestled between these tracks is tons of interviews and backstage footage which is pretty much the good part of it. You see everything from Louie and Eric jamming And Then There Were None in the early days, to them bickering about tooth paste, to random shots of Chucks tongue flashing. All of that is fairly interesting for a few viewings.
Then the videos. An absolutely corny as fuck video of Nobody’s Fault is here along with Practice What You Preach, Souls of Black, and The Legacy.
The extras are the usual discography and photo gallery. Also it shows Dinner with Testament/ Testament in Tokyo. Which is the band just screwing around with Japanese food and hanging at some Japanese temple.

If you plan on getting this for the live footage… don’t because it isn’t worth it. Get this ONLY if you’re a very hardcore fan of Testament and that’s about it.