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running out of ideas... - 82%

ironasinmaiden, February 4th, 2003

Testament's Practice What You Preach sold alot of copies and established them as a premier thrash band with mainstream audiences in the late 80s. Though not exactly phenomenal, PWYP is pretty solid thrash that takes the intensity of New Order and glazes it with major label studio production. In some places there are dangerously commercial riffs, which kills a bit of the buzz, yet hardly enough to dull the blow of "Sins of Omission" for instance. PWYP is an essential part to a Testament fan's collection, but hardly a thrash landmark.

The one two punch of Practice What you Preach and Perilous Nation kicks this mother off... two very memorable songs with awesome riffs. Alex Skolnick shreds a whole fucking lot, and (fortunately) there is way less wankery than there was on New Order... the guy can play but who really needs to hear 20 fucking leads in a single song. Not I.

Blessed in Contempt is a total thrasher, along the lines of the Preacher or Eerie Inhabitants. Me like. After this, however, there are a few mediocre songs with very little identity. The kind of mid-paced drudgery that plagued many thrash albums recorded for major labels (Overkill withstanding!). Sins of Omission kicks in and makes everything right again... this is a Testament classic, and a sort of lost gem amongst fans... .and the name of a killer modern thrash band

So yeah, this shit's good, but it signalled a downwards spiral for Testament. They found a second wind with 1994's Low and the rest is history as they say....