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the epitome of pussy thrash - 29%

UltraBoris, July 25th, 2004

Testament here takes another severe nosedive, after the pretty decent (if underproduced) The Legacy and the recycled-riff-fest boredom of The New Order. Here, we get go-through-the-motions bullshit, a lack of aggression that would make Sacred Reich proud, and poorly designed, entirely forgettable riffs.

There is pretty much one song on here that deserves repeated play, and that is the title track. Of course, it is never good policy to put 90% of the riffs into the opening song - I find myself entirely unable to listen to the album unless I reorder things and put the opener LAST, so that at least I have something to look forward to. In the standard order, there is just nothing to justify keeping it turned on after the first track.

The rest of the album ranges from dumb whiffle-ball thrash that is a 9th-rate Exumer ripoff (Perilous Nation, Blessed in Contempt), stupid "if Metallica can be cockmunches and pollute their albums with anti-metal swinefilth, so can we" (The Ballad, Confusion Fusion - the first being a direct ripoff of the Sanitarium formula, and the second bringing on traces of Orion, though admittedly it isn't nearly as insipid). Then throw in Nightmare, which is fast as fuck, but manages to completely avoid being aggressive - an impressive accomplishment in the field of complete stupidity. Also, a few dumb half-thrash slow numbers that would make Pantera drool: Envy Life, Greenhouse Effect.

The production brings to mind the dregs of Sacred Reich - it's not BAD in any way, just completely pussified, with the guitars lacking distinct character. The opening track features a nifty Slayer-esque intro with a fast banger drum beat over slow chords, but the album never gets nearly that ominous ever again.

This is a worthless album. There is nothing redeeming about it whatsoever. Find yourself some Overkill, and struggle to stay alive.