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Testament's most memorable performance - 93%

overkill67, September 1st, 2006


Purely a worthy statement to make with regard to the best way to describe the performances of the band on this live recording.

An insidious device...otherwise known as James Murphy's guitar, acts as a lethal M-16, which manages to spray shredded shrapnel from all angles. Fuck can that man play a mean assed guitar! Yes, I do realize that Alex Skolnick is responsible for creating the majority of the guitar solos on this live offering, but it definately highlights James' ability to match them note for note and still add his own little twist of innovation. Huge thumbs up to James for being flawless!

John Dette, who apparently played with Slayer and Whiplash at one time, does some amazing work in the drum department and everything is played with an extra aggressive nod to the double bass pedals from time to time. Another highlight indeed.

The rythm guitar tracks, I wouldn't go so far as to call them riffs...because it is Testament. Anyway, Peterson plays pretty much "hick-up free", and the palm mutted anger is definately prevalant throughout. Kudos to Eric!

Greg's bass lines are awesome as always, I've always felt that Greg has never gotten the recognition that he deserved as being a talented bass player, for whatever reason unbeknown to myself. I suppose being surrounded by either Skolnick, Murphy, or Alvelais may in fact render someone, somewhat overshadowed. Just the same Greg is an awesome bass player, and this live recording definately gives a lasting impression of his ability.

Lastly, Chuck's voice is right on the money for the most part. He hadn't yet fucked it up with his death metal overtone garbage, so the melodic stuff is still acheived, and it is done rather well. I'd have to say that of all the live stuff that I've ever heard by Testament, this is definately Chuck's best and most memorable performance.

Another point that should be mentioned is the fact that the band reaches all the way back to their first album to compile a killer set of live classics. A great live album, and the unplugged, bonus tracks if you will, at the end are very interesting as well...this is well worth owning