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The Best Live Album EVER - 98%

Thorngren, November 11th, 2005

I have come to the conclusion after much thought on the subject that Testament’s live album Live at the Fillmore is indeed the greatest Single Disc live album ever recorded. Now, more and more live albums are become 2 Disc sets. Although you get more bang for your buck, this bothers me slightly. I want to just pop in a CD and rock out, not switch albums needlessly over n over.

Many will argue that Judas Priest’s Unleashed in the East is the greatest single disc live album, but I disagree. Although there are many rocking tunes on it, a few greats of that time were left off and the production seems TOO clean. Also, just chock it up to personal preference, because Priest hadn’t hit their stride yet with their harder sound, and this Testament album is at their peak.

This brings me to ask though, why so many live albums now 2 Discs when they could easily cut 2 mediocre songs and make a fabulous single disc live album. I believe quality is always better than overwhelming quantity. That’s why I believe Live at the Fillmore is the top live album… well, top single disc live album. I might try and argue it’s the best live album ever, but then I remember Live After Death (which actually did warrant being 2 discs because it’s so awesome). However, every track on Live at the Fillmore is not only an A+ song, but is given a modern bite to it (for the older songs) and really shines through that this band is having fun, playing tight and really giving you (the fans) what you want. I honestly couldn’t think of a better setlist for the time this was recorded

And hey… they still had room to fit in a few more songs. Not to take from many different shows, they decided to throw us a bone and put in 3 studio acoustic versions of previous songs. This is a welcomed spot after the heavy assault on the senses we got from the live outing. The really mellow and beautiful acoustic versions are a great way to cap off the album.

Overall, this is the only live album I have NO gripes with, and any thrash metal fan without this is no true thrasher (let alone a metalhead at all). This album, along with Rust in Peace, Live After Death, Painkiller and Holy Diver is IMO a must own for any true metalhead who like to bang their head.