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Live at Eindhoven - 75%

transientblur, May 19th, 2005

There isn't a whole lot interesting or new on this EP. It's five tracks and about 27 minutes long. The tracklist is good and suprisingly well-played. However, this was released only on tape and LP, so it is difficult to get a hold of. Chuck Billy sings very well on this album, his voice is as intense and strained (in a good way) live as it is on the recordings. The drums have a pretty decent, full sound to them and are played on time. Skolnick's guitar leads are very close to the recordings yet still retain the essential live improvisation. There is some good crowd interaction and the guitar tone is very clear and solid, with the lead being higher in the mix. Giving this a rating is kind of hard, the songs are cool to hear live and its fun to listen to Chuck encourage drunken metalheads, but the material is the same as it is on the Legacy anyways. Honestly, there was not much reason to release this , and there isn't a terribly good reason to hunt it down and listen to it. Download it if you find it, or just wait for it to show up on a re-release as bonus tracks sometime.