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The First Proper Release - Time Will Tell - 85%

MelodicStorm, April 28th, 2011

This is the first full length release from these enthusiastic Argentinean folk metal/epic quads. The band keeps their structure throughout the release with experimental pieces of greatness and influences from unlikely sources.

The production is good and clean cut so you can hear every little detail of what is going on in the tracks. And trust me, there is a lot to take in. If it's not the piano’s scaling or blasting infernos by Hernan Martiarena, it’s the catchy chorus trumpets. This album has everything but this makes it difficult in some cases to truly pick up the rhythm and enjoy what’s there before it changes to another tune or instrument.

Vocalist Lian Gerbino and growler Nargrath fit well with the rampaging chaotic blasts, fills, and triplets. Lian goes from clean to snarls whilst Nargarth heavily relies on growls and deep croaks throughout to heighten the atmosphere of the music. It is very balanced with the interludes of soloing flutes and acoustic guitars such as in the instrumental “Aeolian Islands”. This carries fourth nicely to the rampantly quick, almost black metal-esque “High Germany Erin's Jig” (like Darkthorne) and “Cruzat Beer House Song”. This drifts into chanting almost pirate songs like “Tarantella Siciliana”, reminding of Alestorm and Turisas most of the time.

The Ensiferum-like epics such as “Far Away In The Distant Skies” and “Pagan Nation” keep the structure and tightness well with enough to keep the listener involved. The oddities, however, can get tiring or weary with funny vocals becoming odd and not in the same tone as the rest of the album.

Other than a few flaws, this debut is a very strong and delightful listen and should be heard by anyone who has an interest in folk metal or even heavier metal like black metal or death metal.