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Bitter disappointment - 0%

PerpetualDusk, November 8th, 2006

You know them. Legends who release awesome albums in the 80's, split-up or change their style and than try a comeback. Sadus, Slayer, Metallica, they all wen't from awesome to crap and they just couldn't bring a good comeback.

But this is Terrorizer, a legend, the godfathers of Grindcore along with Repulsion. Terrorizer is one of my all-time favourite bands, so I had really high hopes and I got this album as soon as possible. And than I faced reality, it doesn't matter how good you once were, after 17 years of inactivity it's not possible to find back to your roots, even if you're mighty Terrorizer.

What we have here is a boring as hell death metal album with probably the worst vocals you could put into it. The druming is superb, of course, it's Sandoval. Intense and very fast bass-drumming. But everything else, from the guitarriffs to the bassline is utter-crap. This hurts to say actually, because you know...R.I.P. Pintado!

So, why so harsh words? Well, this album has exactly 10 riffs, which are played over and over again in different orde to make it less conspicuous. And this new vocalist sounds like he has something stuck in his throat and can't bring the fucking words out of his mouth! And that's really annoying, all I thought while listening to this guy was: "COME ON MAN, SPEAK THE FUCK UP!"

My last words: If you search for some grindcore, check their deubt album, it's not only one of the best, if not the best, grindcore albums of all time, it shows you what Terrorizer really is about. But if you already listend to this album and don't know their debut, please don't judge to fast! Because "World Downfall" does not sound like this at all!