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Darker Days Have Come!! - 90%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, September 20th, 2007

I have to be honest, at first I did not like this album very much…I found it quite boring but after have listened to it several times I can definitely say that now I like it! It has grown in me like few albums did. Maybe because I was used to joy for the incredible violence of their first and only masterpiece “World Downfall”; but going on listened to this one I found it very good but a bit different from their early mile stone.

In this new album, the songs are a bitter longer and complex than in “World Downfall” and at first I thought they had lost the power and the rage, necessary in this genre. Fortunately I was wrong; it was only the production that, trying to be old fashioned, seems like not strong enough. Well, surely this production is not great for this genre as it was on their first effort but anyway it’s good.

Talking about the songs there is a small intro to this album, made of strange noises and in the background a growly voice as the prelude to the title track that is very good. The production is quite similar to the mid Morbid Angel era (Covenant or Domination) but with a more raw guitar sound, always inspired by the hardcore genre and death metal. Pete Sandoval has become (as you know) a great drummer and his way of playing is perfect but sometimes a bit “cold” in my opinion. Maybe is the drum production…but, don’t worry anyway. The violence is always present! “The storm is coming, the clouds are falling…” Very good song.

The new singer is very good because sounds not too growly but also quite raw and you can understand the words very well. The attack of the “Crematorium” track is incredible as its main riff: pure violence and hate. The up tempos typical of the death/thrash are perfectly mixed to the blast beats. “Fallout” track is awesome with his slow beginning and the tempos changes from mid paced to blast beats. The refrain is very catchy and the lyrics about a future of war and genocide are a perfect mix.

“Doomed” is another assault and the drum is restless…the great things in this song come from the refrain “Famine, pestilence, death!!!” and from the obscure, extreme slow part followed by some bell sound. With this song we will be doomed forever…great. “Mayhem” and Bind Army” are total impact with awesome guitar riffs so inspired by the old scene (hardcore, grind, thrash). The refrain is always easy to find and very catchy to scream ‘till death. Pure headbanging. In “Legacy Of Brutality” song all the drummer’s class comes out with the fast bass drum tempos and blast beats. The refrain in “Nightmare” is great: “Is it real or just a dream?? Is it real or a nightmare??”

At the end of this album we can find a quite boring outro but also the great song “Dead Shall Rise” from “World Downfall”!! Here seems even faster!

Well, after all, this is great album and here we can find the last songs played by the great Jesse Pintado (RIP), unfortunately…anyway I have to say that this album is a bit different from the other one before but give it a chance, listen to it several times as I did and you’re gonna like it.