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Terrordrome > Vehement Convulsion > Reviews
Terrordrome - Vehement Convulsion

Disappointing - 35%

UKMetal, July 28th, 2013

So after listening to a track from their recent album "Day of Sacrilege" I decided to get their first album "Vehement Convulsion" and I was expecting a technical and brutal sounding by this band. But instead, I was disappointed with the end product finding it very much repetitive (especially with the vocals) making it a bit boring and dull. The production on this album is not very good; in some parts of this album the blasting snare drum seems to have more priority over the guitars during the main parts, but on the solos it's very clear and very sweet sounding.

The vocals have no real range, nor do they have this 'wow' factor or something that gives the listener a feel of whats going on. Instead, the vocalist (Peter Ouzounis) reverts to this guttural/pig squealing type vocals and it eventually becomes repetitive and boring, having no sought of explosive feeling. I am afraid the vocals are part of why this album doesn't get a good review from me. However, on the other hand the guitars do salvage this album from getting a poorer review; the guitars are played very well in the parts you can hear them (like in the solos) they have this sweet sounding when playing the solos but other than that there is not much the guitars offer.

The drums do very little but do raging double bass and blast beats on nearly every song on this album, there is nothing really to it. Nothing that blows your mind away, It is all really pretty repetitive and boring just like the vocals.

The vocals (like I say) have no real range or style, its just this constant pig squealing which gets very annoying after while and again quite boring but when you listen to the "Day of Sacrilege" album and the song I have been listening to from that album "Conceit Is the Disease" the vocals have such a better range and the production is so much better than "Vehement Convulsion"

I had high expectations for this album but I'm afraid it wasn't really my taste. I mean don't get me wrong, I love brutal death metal but I'm afraid it's crossed my barrier; I was expecting a more technical, very good range of playing. But I'm afraid it didn't deliver for me and I hope when I listen to "Day of Sacrilege" I get something a lot better than this.