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Solid Neo-Thrash - 70%

vigaljot, December 5th, 2004

From Sweden we get this kind of "split side project" since it is the result of the efforts from members of the two well established bands Soilwork and Darkane.
This album came out a few years ago when thrash metal was just raising its head again after nearly ten years of silence. It sounds thrashy particularly because of it's insane speed but, as you can imagine from the bands involved, it's swedish death metal that is the main reference.
The first bands that come to mind are The Haunted and At The Gates, particularly try to think of the latter's "Blinded by Fear" as a good reference.
Swedish death metal was rediscovering thrash before the great thrash bands (like Kreator) decided to go back to their roots. We have the speed and the intense riffing. The vocals are pretty much death, Björn "Speed" Strid sounds practically exactly the way he does on Soilworks "The Chainheart Machine". Don't expect any complexity, that aspect of thrash metal is long forgotten on this release, it's pretty much speed and aggression right in your face. You find quite a few solos though which are never despisable to an old thrasher.

So if you are into thrash metal and not completely lost in the "good old days" this is a nice way of reinventing a genre. It has probably lost a bit of the great appeal it had when it came out because of the great number of thrash releases we have nowadays but, even if it's in no way a masterpiece, it is absolutely solid craftmanship.