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Derivative retro thrash - 31%

MacMoney, November 4th, 2002

Another year, another side project of a band. In Terror 2000 two of the leading metal bands of Sweden, namely Soilwork and Darkane, combine their creative forces. The rhythm section is composed from Soilwork members and one of the guitarists is from Darkane. A combination of these two bands would make you think that the product is Gothenburg metal but surprisingly it isn't. Fortunately the music they've made is closer to the thrash of Darkane than the Gothenburg of Soilwork. 'Slaughterhouse Supremacy' is all out thrash combined with slight Gothenburg influences with the leads and vocals. Since the vocalist is Björn Strid from Soilwork they sound exactly like him. Fortunately he uses his growling voice here and not those poor clean ones like on 'A Predator's Portrait'.

Fast riff patterns are the whole basis of the album. They show up in every song hence the album is really fast and quite short. While the riffs range from poor to mediocre with some good ones here and there, they don't flow as well as say in Dark Angel's 'Darkness Descends'. The guitarsound also packs quite a punch and is crunchy but what is gained in the guitars is lost in the songwriting. The songs are mainly just catchy with even catchier choruses. The choruses are so catchy that they start to resemble each other quite much. Most of them are accompanied with fast but simple riffs and some catchy line like "We run, we kill, we fuck" of 'Agents of Decadence' or "Son of a gun, daughter of slaughter" of 'Son of a Gun, Daughter of Slaughter'. The choruses tend to flatten the song because after a verse with a really intense riff comes a poppish chorus with a lazy guitarline. Ranta's drumming is very precise but like on 'A Predator's Portrait' he doesn't offer anything amazing.

'Slaughterhouse Supremacy' isn't as melodic as one would think. The main focus is on the riffs so the leads and solos haven't been paid much attention. There are some small melodic parts in the riffs but actual leads are scarce. The chorus of 'Elimination Complete' is an exception that confirms the rule. It is also the only song with a good chorus mainly because of the lead. Terror 2000 has a lot of potential but most of it is wasted on catchiness, not quality. The catchiness tends to quickly wear out whatever affection or interest one might hold for the album. If you want some modern thrash get something better like Destruction's 'Antichrist'.

(Originally published in Tuonela webzine in 2001)