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Having Fun Recording a Devastating Album!! - 95%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, September 26th, 2007

This band, as you know, is a side project of members from Darkane and Soilwork. Probably, they decided to start this band being a bit under pressure by the labels of their original bands that wanted they to change the style ‘till becoming the crappy sound that is nowadays. With this project, like said in a interview, they wanted to have fun and play some fucking brutal, old stuff.

Surely they achieved the goal of having fun, but on the other hand they recorded a true fuckin’ brutal album!! Try to mix together influences from old brutal thrash, the Swedish death metal with a touch of progression and you can have an idea of what you can expect from this album.

It's useless to say how is fast their music…the up tempo parts seem neverending, mixed with some more modern, short sections in mid-tempo style. When I say “modern” I mean the sound of early Darkane or Soilwork, just to have an idea! No crappy mallcore here! The violence is devastating.

The guitars destroy everything with their riffs, so influenced by thrash (“Burn Bitch Burn” or “Agents Of Decadence”). And exactly the number of them on this album is simply incredible…they create a wall of pure violence, they are restless. Some melodic lines can be found too, but they’re just for few seconds and in a sea of blood like this, they are even hard to listen.

Speed Strid’s screams are incredible. They seem to have reconquered the original brutality they had lost on other albums. Some parts are so fast that I cannot imagine the strength of his throat during the recording session. Talking about the production, well, is simply great. Powerful and clean enough but not exaggerated, always keeping an eye to the past, to the groups-influence for these guys.

This album is pure brutality and works like this one are not so common…32 minutes of blasting furies for your poor ears and at the end you’re gonna beg for mercy. This is essential for every fan of death/thrash metal played with technique, passion and violence.