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A disappointment. - 65%

Xeper, March 20th, 2003

I loved Terror 2000's first album, Slaughterhouse Supremacy. I thought it was an absolute eargasm of brutal light-speed Swedish thrash, but not the boring kind. Some old-school riffing popped up in places, and the album had a classy sense of melody while still remaining, in essence, a thrashy shredmonster. It was the mother of all side projects for me for awhile, and while I understand why some people didn't dig it, it was just what I'd been looking for. So, I was practically foaming at the mouth when I heard about its followup release, Faster Disaster. I was also excited to hear Erik Thyselius drum on the new one, because his drumming with Construcdead is great. And lo and behold, enter the generic riffing. Man this album was a letdown. Gone is the creativity and distinctive songwriting, the perfect melodic riffage and angry intensity. Sure, some tracks on here are entertaining speedfests, like Formula Flame Feast or Menace Of Brutality. But overall, this album is kind of boring. It sounds like speed for the sake of speed, and sacrifices the kickass riffing that made Slaughterhouse Supremacy one of my favorites. Approach with caution. They can do better I'm sure, they certainly have before. Hopefully this is just a sophomore slump.