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They Couldn't Top Slaughterhouse Supremacy - 85%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, February 26th, 2008

Alright my friends, let’s make this clear: after a debut like “Slaughter House Supremacy” it was very hard for our Swedish men to release an excellent follow up and the partially failed. This new effort is a bit more focused on the pure thrash metal side than on death like before. Maybe it’s a production “fault” but anyway this is a quite good album.

“Back With Attack” is a song that shows no mercy except during the final part where the tempo parts change to up tempo ones into mid-paced. Always the solos are great, in pure thrash/death style. Check the tempo change at 2:15 in “Formula Flesh Feast”. I believe that, anyway, the riffage always being very violent, is less inspired than in the past and quite similar in most of the songs.

The vocals by “Bjorn” are a trademark, with lots of screams and some lower ones during the refrain of “Headrush”. “Infernal Outlaw” shows a good mix of different tempo parts with some modern elements…not bad. “Menace Of Brutality” is my favourite one here for the doomy beginning and the out of the blue speed restart. Great thrash. “Stalkers In The Night” features thrash riffage and hyper speed sections.

The main riff on “I’m Speed At Night” is very similar to the one in the first track, but anyway it’s total impact. The chorus in “Killing Machine” is great, with some heavy, raging filtrated vocals and doomy intermezzo with weird solos. Overall, this is a good thrash metal album that, compared to “Slaughterhouse Supremacy”, loses in terms of songwriting and death influences but it's always recommended for thrash metal fans.