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Terror(izer) Style! - 78%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, October 2nd, 2007

When I listened to this demo after having downloaded it, I was very happy for the music here done and I immediately thought to Terrorizer for the music style. Even the band’s name is similar, like the music! This is great because I consider “World Downfall” the highest peak reached by any band in the whole world of grind/death metal.

Talking about this excellent demo, it is composed by three songs (only…) of pure grind/death so well done in that period. “Radiation” song with the intro of growing bass drum with the main riffs so inspired by hardcore is terrible similar to “After World Obliteration” song!! Yet from here you can hear the very good production, even if we are in 1994 and even if this is a demo. The vocals are not so extreme, still very influenced by the thrash/death scene. The solos are typical of the extreme thrash while the rhythmic session is made for the true headbanging.

“Terror” song in the beginning is incredible thrash with tremolos solos and a good, distorted riff that ends in some blast beats and a good refrain. The bass drum is always fast and with the last song “Destruction” the true grind influences come out. The riff in the middle is mid paced to slow down a bitter before the end of the song.

The main problem of this good demo is the length: the songs are so short that sometimes they even don’t let you the time to enjoy them…why?! I know that in this genre there mustn’t be so long songs but 1:30 minute for each one is not enough, especially when you like them! Anyway it’s only a small critic…let’s listen to this demo, enjoying every second of it and that’s all.