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The Cover Says it All - 80%

TheStormIRide, March 12th, 2018

Terrörhammer’s debut full length album, Under the Unholy Command, from 2015, was one of my favorite albums of that year: full of sleazy, blackened aesthetics and maniacal speed metal meets thrash riffing. It’s been three years since that whiskey drenched monument to the gods of the first wave, but the Serbian warmachine are back with a five track EP, the aptly titled In the Name of Hell. This time, founding member Pentagramator the Helltyrant (guitars and vocals) and returning bassist B.B.K. Necro Doctor (bass) are joined by Swiss drummer extraordinaire Bornyhake (Bornge, Enoid), along with a handful of guests.

In the Name of Hell continues in the vein of the band’s full length. Gnarly speed metal riffing and occasional galloping thrashing are fueled by a viciously gruff and blackened bark. Of the five tracks delivered, one is a spooky, organ-based intro and one is a cover of Коррозия Металла’s classic “ Чёрный террор”, though I must admit that Terrörhammer’s take on that track is heavier and filthier than the original. The remaining three tracks showcase a brief offering of what made Under the Unholy Command so much fun. “Riding on the Storm” brings a Motorhead-tinged speed metal riff to slathering double kicks and snarling growls while “The Power of Darkness” focuses on punishing grooves with a bit of a thrash/crossover flair, albeit blackened to a sinister char. The true star of the show has to be the knuckle dragging rhythms and headbanging movements, with a classy solo to boot.

Three years is a fairly long wait, but in this case I’d gladly wait double that for a full length in the same vein. Regardless, In the Name of Hell is a really cool stopgap while waiting for these guys to pump out some more delectably deranged, blackened, speeding metal anthems. With this EP, Terrörhammer have proven that their full length wasn’t just a fluke and that they are one of the strongest forces in the black/speed/thrash circle working today. This is available through Dying Victims Productions, so if you like anything else on that label, you should know what to expect here. Don’t sleep on this one.

Written for The Metal Observer.