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En Ouvrant La Porte De L'enfer Ils Ont Brisé Le Pacte De Fer - 90%

CHAIRTHROWER, June 22nd, 2022
Written based on this version: 2021, CD, Gates of Hell Records

Alongside Herzel and Meurtrières, Tentation is further modern day French heavy metal band worth speculation, this time hailing from Toreilles, a village of the Pyrenees-Orientales (in Occitania, located on the Mediterranean coast), and boasting of EP, split with Iron Slaught and 2021 ten track full-length debut titled Le Berceau Des Dieux, under Rome's diligent Gates Of Hell Records.

It took me several listens to fully glean an impression of Tentation, which increasingly sounds intricate and hook driven whilst still feeling "old school" and fresh, with an iron lunged bellower in Patrice "Darquos" Rôhée. His upper mid range delivery is tempered by emotion, yet agreeably understandable to force fed French Québécois minstrels such as myself. Right away on "L'Exode", I'm reminded of Cauchemar's Annick Giroux and her impressionable chants. With its Ancient Egyptian theme, said opener sets a wickedly fluidic tone for Le Berceau's forty minute duration.

Synths are sagely employed, imbuing a mystical, eldritch edge, be it at beginning of "L'Exode", in camel galloping midst of "Le Couvent" or within token next to last instrumental "L'Enfant De Gosthal". However, this is a thorough and explosive guitar band, as attested by lone axe man Guillaume Dousse's dual rhythm and lead charge, which initially fools into thinking the quartet is a twin guitar formation. Following the gang shouted rancor of "Le Clash Des Titans", a placidly strummed "Interlude" becalms the scene in time for massive uppercut turn around in aptly named (but untamed) "Le Taureau D'Airan".


Picking up in traction and speed, a rangy and pumped bass line courtesy of Guillaume "Guix" Pastor and képi collapsing, highly swattable drum beat on behalf of Laurent "Lole" Metivier provides a big infusion of golden age Judas Priest energy, whilst "Conquérants" feels duly Frenchified in all its necessary and rough glory, bringing to mind fellow fêteux Sortilège and Vulcain thanks to shrilly paced and developed, classic solo and general "joy of living".

The word "filler" nary exists in Tentation's vernacular, as power ballad "Baldr" gracefully rounds the curve to sound of regal finger trilled lead before last pair of humdingers, the elegant albeit thrashy "Blanche" - which sees Darquos reach paroxysmal Christian "Zouille" Augustin heights - and ever Priestl-y "Heavy Metal" (a single no brainer wasn't enough, back in 1986).

Hail Gods' Cradle!