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Tenebrosus -Not To Be Lost Nor Forgotten! - 81%

Velkaarn, May 25th, 2006

The second album of Poland's Tenebrosus wastes no time with fancy introductions or slow build-ups, a scream and off they go blasting away. First impressions remind me strongly of Marduk and the full production also gives a certain "Fast Swedish Black Metal" vibe. "Hell Eternal"-album by Setherial would be another point of reference. The musicianship seems to be good, production as mentioned good too, riffs & songwriting ok fast BM and the vocals, though quite standard hateful screams, with occasional growling, fill their part more than sufficiently. Proficient stuff, if nothing too special for me.

The second track "Sphere Of Darkness" starts promising, cool riffing and nice use of melodies. Breakneck speed still, quite typical songstructure and vile screams. Still somehow it works very, very well. "Thy Weakness My Strength" is another relentless, yet melodic and catchy attack. The title track keeps the pace and feeling up while having more variation on the vocals, from growling roars to the clean vocals in the chorus. Not bad at all, these guys give Marduk a run for their money here. The next song "Voice Of Ahriman" starts promising too, but somehow fails to deliver and ends up weaker than the preceeding tracks. The shortest of the lot, "Torment", follows. No news here, same stuff well performed. The last track continues in similar manner until four minutes when it changes to sounds of rainfall, which goes on till six minutes when more BM, sans vocals, follows at a more restrained tempo. Excellent, they would do well to slow down more often. Among best moments in the album, atmospheric and heavy. Alas, it changes slowly to rain again, starting at nine minutes. This time the showers last till the end (17:46!).

If you don't count in the excessively lenghty pouring of rain at the end, this is a solid album of fast-paced, melodic but not "sweet" Black Metal. Quite recommendable with top three tracks for me being "Lost And Forgotten", "Sphere Of Darkness" and the "hidden track", or second part of "Picture Of Corrupted Spectres", amidst the rain samples.