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Renegade Templars of the Atomic Waste - 80%

Neheroth, January 13th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2020, Cassette, Caligari Records (Limited edition, Remastered)

Smashing through the boundaries of common decency and pummelling dead anything near good taste, Templar has been a fist fighting force of violence since 2018. Covered in piss, beer, petrol and blood; the atomic warriors of speed have re-released their debut demo, Knights of Nuclear Hell Decibelfucking the Charred Remains of the Christ, remastered by K. Olavi K. Virta, of Oksennus infamy, and released by the expressionist spirits of Caligari Records.

Acolytes who lay their violent hungry hands at the radium soaked altars of Gehenna, Shitfucker, Deathhammer and Children of Technology will much to their barbaric tastes here. Irradiated and blood spattered, Templar waste little time in blowing the head off any mortal foolish enough to experience their wasteland sounds.

Relentless speed/thrash riffs, provided by Master General and Master Templar, straddle the realms of the palm mute and power chord with savage perfection. Equally the composition and the variety of riffs on display are scorching, take the riff extravaganza of “Renegade Templar’s of the Irradiated Wastelands”, and any mortal will understand - with nuclear certainty - the atomic forged majesty of the guitar work employed.

The attitude Templar force down mortal throats with mutated, multi-knuckled fists is a force within its own right. The vocals of Master General exemplify this best, scorching wasteland rasps, punctuated with war tribe howls of insane delivery. “Templaric 女武侠” shows this invigorating attitude at its foremost, the rabid barks of the war leader with his radiated legion’s choral singing behind him is an uplifting feat to behold - one that Templar should be most proud of.

The employment of the rhythm section is no less devastating in its sandstorm approach of battering and blinding mortals into arid ruin. Wardrum Inspirator is speed shaman savage at percussive radiation, “Decibel Tyrant” displaying best his vein wasting skills, with Seismic Templar bringing the bass end of the fight to the fore with his penchant for chugging barabasim.

The re-mastering executed by K. Olavi K.Virta has added that final ingredient into the foul tarmac mix - creating a far more bass heavy cacophony of ruin, whilst still enabling each track to sound separate from another. The variety of vocal blasphemies scorch that much harder than on the original release in 2018, allowing for the nuclear bastard attitude of the wasteland warriors to truly strike for the jugular.

Gnashing fists, bleeding eardrums and irradiated mutations are all signs of the Templar. Fear their name, fear their fists and fear their speed; for none will have brain matter left after their decibelfucking insanity has ricocheted around any skulls unfortunate enough to be within hearing distance. War howls for the Templar - acrid tears for the ruin left in their wake.

Originally published in GLOOMHAMMER Issue II