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Temperance > Krapakalja > Reviews > Walrus
Temperance - Krapakalja

Innovative, interesting. A great listen. - 87%

Walrus, April 5th, 2009

Now, before I begin, I would like to say that I have little experience in reviewing, and this will most likely be messy. I apologize in advance. I just felt that this album needed a review, as I think it's great.

I found this band while randomly browsing MA, and I saw the genre. For some reason, "Doom/Death/Thrash" is really appealing to me, even though I know nothing about Doom metal. I go on a hunt for their only album, and give it a listen. What should I find?

Innovation, originality, and overall greatness.

I never actually thought mixing Doom and Thrash would be possible, as they are polar opposites. Thrash is supposed to be fast and violent, while Doom is slow and steady. Temperance does a great job of moving from slow, yet powerful riffs to some surprisingly original thrash riffs, and in that, managing to go from clean, to raspy, to growling vocals. Most of this can be seen on the title track.

I would actually call this progressive at some points, it's very abstract with the tempo and melodies.

The album also has some softer points, such as the beginning of "Dimension Complete". The singer has a noticeably thick accent, but honestly it adds to the theme and feeling of the song. It gives a more doomed seeming atmosphere.

I find that sometimes with Thrash albums, all the songs start to sound the same, or get boring. Krapakalja manages to break that repetitiveness with it's very noticible and awesome doom riffs.

While the death growl does not appear on this album as much as I would like, it still comes in at great points, giving the songs even heavier sounds.

I would recommend this to any thrash fan, and any death metal fan. Hell, I'll recommend this to any metal fan in general. This is a fantastic album.