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A Revelation Of Darkness & Death - 100%

Profaner, March 5th, 2007

If you're familiar with the two bands on this split, then you know that you're in for 2 different styles of dark, occult death metal (that compliment each other very well as a split release). If you don't know either band, or just haven't heard this release yet, read on...

TEITANBLOOD-"Infernal Abomination Of Death" (SIDE A)
Teitanblood play a very brutal style of death/black metal. They sort of sound like if Blasphemy and Necrovore fused together...Extremely Violent! There are no subtlties here, just feral death/black metal carnage. "Infernal..." just pounds away with the murderous intent of a serial killer on angel dust, occasionally slowing down to give the victim a chance to breathe, only to begin eviscerating them yet again. One things that was a little surprising was the sound quality. It's somewhat better produced than their "Chants To Apolokian Dawn" demo, which while certainly not unlistenable, is quite raw. This recording, however, has a fuller, clearer sound which serves to only make it all the more devastating.

NECROS CHRISTOS-"Baptized By The Black Urine Of The Deceased" (SIDE B)
Necros Christos play a more controled, slow/midpaced style of death metal. They are truly something special. It's now every day that you hear a death metal band that one could describe as "atmospheric", but that's what they are. They drown you in obscurity and necromantic mysticism. This song is the creation of perfectly honed song writing skills. Virtually every song that Mors Dalos Ra(vocals/guitars/keys) has written for Necros Christos is a treasure in and of itself, and "Baptized..." is no exception. It grooves and gallops in equal measures and will haunt your subconscious with its dark catchiness. Coram Rex Satanas indeed.

If you're into death metal, REAL death metal that actually stands for darkness and death, do yourself a favor and try to get your hands on this.