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Plate Tectonics - 89%

Airflla, April 21st, 2006

Ah, doom metallers. They're a rare breed among musicians in the current state of affairs in that they do not and cannot aspire to great commercial success. Doom's fanbase is limited to such an extent that sometimes major-label success can only be obtained through promoting your own record label. Such is the case here with Lee Dorrian's latest offering of crippling extremity. Teeth of Lions Rule The Divine (reference to an Earth song) could be termed a Doom Metal supergroup of sorts, boasting key members of scene giants Cathedral, SunnO))) and Iron Monkey. A background such as this is sure to raise the pulse of any doom fan, and this eviscerating debut manages to slay doubts of any 'sum of the parts' naysayers. Blasting in the style of volcanic eruption, brutal in an anvil-to-the-head sense, the three tracks of this monstrosity brace the notion of 'heavy' with cathartic vitriol. Lengthy track titles reflect the running time of the compositions, which avoid the 'boring' pitfall by virtue of the great sonic variety present. Shades of the members' former bands are present in spades: the cavernous undulating SunnO))) drone evokes the same atmosphere of dread, while Lee Dorrian's versatile vocals reflect Cathedral's earliest output. This killer combination, when fused with Greaves' off-kilter drumming, makes for a very unique behemoth. The album shifts and collides in the manner of plate tectonics, while always staying focused on the creed that slow and heavy wins the race. A masterpiece.