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Harsh. - 90%

svartberg, November 16th, 2004

The first time i listened to this album, i simply felt bad ... this music seemed all wrong and simply had no appeal or didn't even try to be catchy.

This is Tartaros, very harsh, heavy, evil and doing that while using a synth which obviously sounds like one.
The guitar blocked riffs sound very clean, while the other ones alongside the vocals are dirty as hell.
Although i hate plastic synth sounds the work here is pretty good, and many effects are used to form a music which turns your stomach down.

For me this is a different kind of black metal, a kind which isn't trying to lure listeners with catchy melodic tones or with idiotic extremist ideals - this work is pure evil, and kicks ass - the only reason it didn't score a 100 for me was the fact
grimloch used his favorable synth is such a clear manner without even trying to have sounds in the level of real orchestras, a shame.