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Quite underrated. - 80%

cyberscreen, May 14th, 2012

I'll start right off by saying that this album deserves more attention that it gets. Of course knowing that its release date was 1993, a rather low point in metal, it's inevitable people thought it would be just another sucky album from that period in time. I found the first two albums by this band very good, so I decided I should give it a chance anyway. And I didn't like it very much the first time, but the album did grow on me after a while.

It's pretty much heavy metal with some influences of Black Sabbath, and you can hear some Dio melodies in there as well. It has some very nice notable features, for example the vocals. Man, this guy has such a powerful voice, and it suits this music so well. This is the reason why I actually prefer this over most Sabbath stuff. Also, the guitar playing is just great, you will find some really nice and unique heavy metal riffs here. Just check out some of those intro riffs, or the melodic, tasteful keyboard opening of Live Hard, Die Hard. This album actually sounds rather epic most of the time, even some of the shorter songs have an epic feel to them. You also got a few nice balls-out rocking songs, there's something for every mood in there.

But really, I don't know any heavy metal band that really sounds like this at all, while still being very good musically. This doesn't mean the album is entirely without flaws, though. As the previous reviewer pointed out, this album is really long, and listening to it as a whole is kind of tiring. I usually find myself listening to only the songs I'm in the mood for at the time, but what absolutely has to be said, is that all songs on here are good. I didn't find any mediocre song on this album all, just some that are better than others. And the awesome vocals and guitar riffs manage to keep my attention on pretty much all the songs. The songwriting doesn't let you down anywhere on this album.

So in the end, you might not want to listen to this album in its entirety everytime, but it has a lot of good music to offer, and for that it gets 80% from me.