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Taphos > Come Ethereal Somberness > 2018, 12" vinyl, Blood Harvest (Limited edition) > Reviews > genital_tomb
Taphos - Come Ethereal Somberness

Modern death metal supremacy - 95%

genital_tomb, September 5th, 2021
Written based on this version: 2018, 12" vinyl, Blood Harvest (Limited edition)

Apocalyptic cacophanous noises...

Massive waves thrash about, a shipwreck in progress stares down its master. Dark looming clouds spit lightning and winds rip the vessel from its course. Walls of malevolent ocean water menace the scene as if it were their own. Isn't it a joy when album art perfectly portrays the music it represents?

That's exactly what you'll get with this manically blistering album. A true storm of catastrophic proportions, enormous bulldozing riffs and some of the most wild and unhinged drumming in modern death metal in my opinion, Taphos present their debut Come Ethereal Somberness and dare you to step into their savage neck-breaking storm. Lets take a gander then...

The very clear influences of the mighty Morbid Angel and Sadistic Intent batter the listener with massive boulder-sized low-tuned riffs and drumming to follow the rhtyhm of said riffs at times, creating a violent raging maelstrom of death metal supremacy. There is no "sewer" type riffing here, not an ounce of lazy breakdowns or single note droning, only swirling and chaotic notes bending your mind and slamming your skull. The vocals offer a bit of a counterpoint, being a bit more "high pitched" and throaty, almost shrieking on occasion.

The music boils and seethes with raw cathartic hatred, like an erupting volcano drooling liquid magma. Pure unfiltered rage shines through with beautiful violence on each track, rarely letting up and constantly trapping the listener in its whirlwind. It's something to actually marvel at, in a sea of boring guttural slop Taphos shines above the rest like a flaming sword straight to the throat of modern death metal. Each song is like the soundtrack to glorious battle with a hydra, twisting and turning and fighting and gnashing. The vocals often take this amazing "bark" quality, snarling and yapping with nothing but white-hot contempt. Armed to the teeth, the Come Ethereal Somberness assault is strong and brutal as fuck.

The energy Taphos emits is untouchable. There's almost nothing to be bored of here, it's like replacing your morning coffee with cocaine and beating down a wall. Come Ethereal Somberness made its mark on me in 2018 when it first released, and has amazed me ever since. One of the pinnacles of modern death metal in my opinion, this band and its debut album have stood the test of time thus far and every time I revisit this record I'm reminded of its intensity and scathing sonic battery and how much I love it.

standout tracks: Impending Peril, Thrive in Upheaval, Livores