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Exactly What I Wanted - 92%

Sweetie, September 17th, 2018

Man, have I waited a long time for this. Tantara’s debut record Based On Evil hit the scene back in 2012, and I was pretty impressed with it when I first heard it. There were a few flaws, but they were small enough to overlook. Now, fast-forward to six years later, and we finally get a follow up known as Sum Of Forces. Wow! Not only does this one deliver, but it actually fixes the flaws that were present in the debut. I thought that some fat needed a little bit of trimming, and the vocals needed touched up. Both are done on this. Sum Of Forces is almost twenty minutes shorter, more concise, and the vocal style is a lot smoother yet equally as aggressive.

This thing absolutely rips right from the start. The clean production and menacing force in the guitar work makes this fit right into the cleaner side of thrash that’s still heavy as fuck. The song writing is outstanding. “Death Always Wins” pretty much grabs the listener with a higher fret happy intro that focuses on melody backed by heavy rhythms, that then transition perfectly into the vocal work that leaves no room for disappointment. Everything is enhanced by normal tactics that just go to full capacity. The usage of gang chants in the choruses here are stellar, and the consistency on this beast is quite impressive. The solos aren’t only amazing due to the way they’re written and hold so much melody, but the placement and the ability to squeeze them into unusual areas are a big strength.

The evolution of this band reminds me of Evile, how at first they shot for being as menacing as possible (which did work), and then down the road focused on better song writing. For such a heavy thrash record, there’s a hell of a lot of melody present here. The verses even have strong hooks to them even when it has that “standard thrash layout”. Beautifully executed drum fills are the icing on the cake, and drive the rhythm sections to full speed with intricate clicks and tricks. Anyone who is in search of an old school styled thrash record that is incredibly well written, clean, melodic, and to the point should seek Sum Of Forces out. Fans of Metallica, Evile, Anthrax, or later Game Over would dig this. Must be heard by all ears of the thrashers!

Originally written for Antichrist Magazine: